For those of you who have not yet seen Francois, this man is the hottest stud in gay porn today. He defines 21st century porn and he sets the gold standard for gay men everywhere. he also happens to like jerking off every day, but this time decided to come down and do it for us! Watch the full Movie 

Latino Machismo
Latino Machismo

We scrambled and got our camera crew together and headed to the wood shop and filmed this video. A word of caution: this latino stud is hot enough to catch any wood shop of fire and we nearly had to call the fire department from Los Angeles to put out this fire. Bring an extinguisher always!!  All because Francois was horny and wanted to jerk off for his fans. You gotta love a latino guy like that!

Watch the full Movie  This is not a latino you say no to when he’s horny and ready to show you his big cock!

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