Cody Cummings

Well here it is for all the gay guys that dream about cody cummings all you ever wanted to know and see!

In Codys own words :

On my off time, I dance a day or two a week. When I have free time to be at home I enjoy the family, lift weights, eat and sleep. But even during my relaxation time, it’s then that I have to work on my body the most.

I love to train, and I train good. My boxing is pretty damn decent and wrestling is where my combat skills root from. I also have got some good kicks, but I don’t fight, I’m a model, come on, you can’t hit me!

One of my pet peeves is that I won’t let anyone cut my hair. I do it, and that’s it. I am also so particular about customer service.

Some of my favorite things I enjoy are nice butts, spitting on a pink butthole (I know, kinky!), dime-pieces (hot women), shoes, ps2, Reese’s Butter Cups, rough sex, tanning, and football.

I also love food and if I had a chef I would have chicken and eggs for every meal.

Height: 5’9”

Weight: Between 165-175

Cock Size: You’ll just have to measure this slab of meat! 😛

Clothing size: Large, occasionally medium

Shoes size: 9 1/2 – 10

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Lucky number: 9

Favorite time of the year: Summer

Favorite holiday: Easter

Favorite food: Chicken Breast, 3 eggs, Toast and a side of fruit

Favorite color: Green

Favorite music: Rap

Favorite movie: Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

Favorite porn movie: Bombshell Bottoms

Favorite actress: Halle Berry

Favorite actor: Mark Wahlberg

Favorite porn actress: Amy Reid

Favorite porn actor: TommyD

Favorite T.V. show: South Park

Favorite sport: Football

Hobby: Reading

Turn on: Butts, Porno Eye Makeup

Turn off: Cigarettes

Best attire: Hoodie and a Cap

Sneaky ass Andrew Blue is at it again. When Cody Cummings unleashes his cock down by the pool, Andrew now anyone who knows Andrews work knows he is an experienced cocksucker is peering down on him, cock in hand. Now Cody has warned him before not to peek on him, but Andrew can’t resist. Cody’s lean physique and tanned body are too mouthwatering for him.

This time, Andrew gets caught and takes advantage of the situation by apologizing and promptly offering to suck Cody’s giant dick like a good cocksucker would. When a seasoned cocksucker like Andrew blows a mighty beast dong like the one on Cody, get ready for an epic eruption what a hot dick cody has!

Watch the Code man as he strokes his greasy cock.  And don’t worry, you’re not imagining things when you see Cody tuck his dick back and rub the head on his asshole.  If you don’t see this one, you’re fucking crazy.

Cody Cummings Cody Cummings & Andrew Blue

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