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  • Josh the Asian Tiger
    It's time for Chance to ride the tiger - Josh the "Asian Tiger," that is! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Asian, Gay, First time, Uncut[/tags]
  • Austin - V2
    Austin is a cute blonde who's having problems with his girlfriend pleasing him, so he's ready for Jack to take care of his ass and pound it hard. Austin also loves sucking dick, as you'll see in this episode of "His First Gay Sex." See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Blowjob, Facial, Gay, Teen, Toys, […]
  • Do Our Own Thang- V2
    Basketball... a man's sport. After dribbling around the court all day our athletes decided on a slightly different type of ball bouncing. They only dribbling to be had with these hardcore fellows would be all over Mickey's face. He moves, he shoots, he scores! I wonder what team Mickey plays for now??? See full-length episode […]
  • Chance Walker
    Jaymz and his latest playmate, Chance, get straight to the point here, quickly transitioning from a passionate makeout session to working each others' cocks like their lives depend on reaching orgasm! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Gay, Condom, First time, Pale[/tags]
  • Zane Jacobs & Rocky
    "I'm a few pounds shy of a six pack" laments Zane, "But I've got a tool that will knock your socks off!" Rocky says his body is 'decent' but we beg to differ--we would say it's cocksuckably top-shelf! Prepare to pitch a tent as these two 'pirates' go face to face and face to meat […]
  • Jeremy Johnson
    What happens when you put two guys named Jeremy in the same bed for any amount of time? Well, I suppose the answer to that question varies from situation to situation, but in THIS instance, they totally suck each others' cocks. See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, Condom, First time, Tattoo, Pale[/tags]
  • Kristian Kerner Dave Hilton & Dan Hughe
    A broken down car gives two horny blokes the opportunity to give a mechanic his first taste of man on man loving. See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bicurious, Blowjob, Gay, Teen, Twink, Condom, First time, Tattoo, Foreign, Uncut[/tags]
  • Miami-Licious - V2
    This sexy tight-assed straight stud was working out in the park and we were up for making him a bitch in the sheets! So we lured him back and before long he was taking 2 cocks in the ass and loving it! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Blowjob, Ebony, Facial, Gay, Threesome, Muscle, […]
  • Brooke
    Brooke knew he wanted Kevin to be his first from the moment Kevin entered the studio and stripped off his shirt to reveal his tightly toned torso. It may have been Brooke's first time, but he took Kevin's firm cock into his mouth and asshole in a way that needs to be seen to be […]
  • Mike and Marian
    Marian the Czech pool stud is always up for having new experiences -- and fortunately for Mike, sucking cock turned out to be right up Marian's alley! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Blowjob, Facial, Gay, First time, Foreign, Uncut[/tags]
  • Sean Adams - V2
    Sean takes a stroll through the park not expecting to see 2 gay studs. Curiosity brings out the desires in his fruity little mind! He watches at first while they go at it but it doesn't take long for him to suck on his first cock! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Blowjob, Fat, […]
  • Matt Brooks & Kristian Hawke & Alex
    Alex, Kristian and Matt explore a new way to make money at work - no hard hat required, but a Jimmy Hat might come in handy... See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Costume, Gay, Hardcore, Threesome, Condom, First time, Pale, Uncut[/tags]
  • Mylo Jordan & Alex Twinge
    For a couple guys who profess to not be gay, Alex and Mylo sure do settle into sucking each others' cocks pretty readily. Hey, whatever -- it works for us! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Anal, Blowjob, Gay, Condom, First time, Tattoo, Deep throat, Pale[/tags]
  • Sean Kane - V2
    This week's episode is a special one. What we have here may be one of the finest hours of His First Gay Sex. Thusgzilla was very pleased to get to tap sexy white-boy Sean's tight virgin asshole. Cum inside and see this very steamy episode. Swarthy Sean takes it all, and loves it!!! See full-length […]
  • Hot Guy - V2
    Hot Rod came down to our stoop and we wanted to bury our dicks in his hyper-pretentious ass! We filled his virgin mouth and ass with our hot cocks and made him beg for a cigarette break! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Blowjob, Ebony, Gay, Hardcore, Threesome, Muscle, Condom, First time, Big butt, […]
  • Joseph Smith Parody
    Jesus loves all in this dramatic retelling of the Joseph Smith story. Joseph, the man who offers his soul, mind and his sexy body up to Jesus so that he can experience his first gay sex! After blessing Joseph's sweet virgin asshole with his pious prick, Joseph does Jesus the favor of giving him a […]
  • Azor & Kyle - V2
    Azor and Kyle get to know each other, first by walking and talking in the car, and then through doing something much more fun: sucking and fucking! As much as Kyle loves the feel of Azor's silky lips around his shaft, I think he loves the feel of Azor's tight ass gripping his cock even […]
  • Nathan
    Nathan is about to unseal his virgin asshole and take his first cock...unfortunately for Nathan, his anal hull is about to be breached by Johan's uncomfortably huge meat missile! Yeah, this may only be corporate warfare, but its just as hard, fast and painful as the real thing...especially when it comes to stuffing a first […]
  • Justin James & Aiden Jason
    A game of mini-foosball turns into sexual exploration of a new and different kind for Aiden and Justin. An awkward and uninvited kiss quickly leads to eager cocksucking, vigorous anal play and, finally, a robust butt pounding! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, First time[/tags]
  • Jordano Bruni
    Sly and Jordano had always been best buds, but had never hooked up because Jordano is straight. That is until Sly let Jordano try out his new Fleshlight! Jordano slipped that ultra-realistic anal sheath over his huge cock and discovered that he liked the feel of ass so much, he wanted to try out the […]

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Marco Paris Watch the full Movie

When I travel all over the world looking for cock I mean talent, I’m lucky enough to be introduced to some unbelievable guys. As a photographer who takes pictures of hot guys, I’m often asked about my sex life and my cock. You know I enjoy talking about it, so I always tell the truth: Yes, I do get the chance to sample the goods. Marco Paris is one of the porn stars I’ve met. We first saw each other when I was on a talent search in Berlin.

Ass Muscles so tight they grip cock like a glove

Ass Muscles so tight they grip cock like a glove

My German isn’t as good as it should be, but I was able to understand him when he said, “Sir, I have a big uncut cock that I would like for you to see.” I also didn’t need an interpreter to find out that he gives an amazing blowjob and loves to rim ass he loves getting it up the ass as much as he likes giving it rough to some guy. He knows how to perform! Marco has come along way and is doing a lot of porn in American now. Check out just how comfortable he is in front of the camera hes a star. Watch the full Movie

Wrapped in Denim this stud is ready to give up his tight muscular ass to some big cock

Wrapped in Denim this stud is ready to give up his tight muscular ass to some big cock

Watch the full Movie

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