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Ripped and cut muscle stud Davyd Fucks Gabriel one of the hottest brazilian gay videos I have seen in a long time Twink with a tight ass getting fucked for the first time Tuff College dudes at UCLA hookup after class for some ass fucking that is second to none Two hot straight boys do anything for money Smoking in the boys room has never been so much fun maybe he will have a cig after he smokes this big thick pole Horny latino gays mouth fuckin and rimming in the shower room Brawny Military hunks fucking each other Gorgeous buffed up stud gagging over a huge cock while getting fucked Tanned mature bear ramming his stiff cock deep into young stud's hole Handsome latino stud stuffing his cock deep into horny gay's mouth Ebony gays fucking these guys are smoking fucking hot
  • Josh the Asian Tiger
    It's time for Chance to ride the tiger - Josh the "Asian Tiger," that is! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Asian, Gay, First time, Uncut[/tags] […]
  • Brent's First Audition
    Brent's screen test is his first time performing on camera, so he's understandably a bit shy about getting naked at first, but once he gets down to business he settles in to deliver quite the solo show! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, Twink, First time, Solo[/tags] […]
  • Dallas & Austin
    Austin and Dallas are getting hot together again -- and I'm not talking about a BBQ competition in Texas. Then again, there is plenty of meat involved, and a bit of very salty sauce near the end, so maybe this IS a barbeque, after all... See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, First time[/tags] […]
  • Mike and Marian
    Marian the Czech pool stud is always up for having new experiences -- and fortunately for Mike, sucking cock turned out to be right up Marian's alley! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Blowjob, Facial, Gay, First time, Foreign, Uncut[/tags] […]
  • Austin - V2
    Austin is a cute blonde who's having problems with his girlfriend pleasing him, so he's ready for Jack to take care of his ass and pound it hard. Austin also loves sucking dick, as you'll see in this episode of "His First Gay Sex." See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Blowjob, Facial, Gay, Teen, Toys, Tw […]
  • Do Our Own Thang- V2
    Basketball... a man's sport. After dribbling around the court all day our athletes decided on a slightly different type of ball bouncing. They only dribbling to be had with these hardcore fellows would be all over Mickey's face. He moves, he shoots, he scores! I wonder what team Mickey plays for now??? See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com. […]
  • Matias & Fernando
    A laundry day disagreement over a pair of underwear gets unexpectedly passionate for roommates Fernando and Matias. Once your dick is being sucked, who cares who the underwear belongs to? See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, Teen, Twink, First time, Foreign[/tags] […]
  • Chance Walker
    Jaymz and his latest playmate, Chance, get straight to the point here, quickly transitioning from a passionate makeout session to working each others' cocks like their lives depend on reaching orgasm! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Gay, Condom, First time, Pale[/tags] […]
  • Kristian Kerner Dave Hilton & Dan Hughe
    A broken down car gives two horny blokes the opportunity to give a mechanic his first taste of man on man loving. See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bicurious, Blowjob, Gay, Teen, Twink, Condom, First time, Tattoo, Foreign, Uncut[/tags] […]
  • Francoise & Alejandro
    Alejandro and Francoise demonstrate that food isn't the only thing that's cooking in the kitchen... but they better be careful; this scene is so hot, something is bound to get burned! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Anal, Blowjob, Gay, Teen, Twink, Condom, First time, Foreign, Uncut[/tags] […]
  • Brooke
    Brooke knew he wanted Kevin to be his first from the moment Kevin entered the studio and stripped off his shirt to reveal his tightly toned torso. It may have been Brooke's first time, but he took Kevin's firm cock into his mouth and asshole in a way that needs to be seen to be believed! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, Firs […]
  • Brecken
    Brecken wasn't on the screen test list for the day; he was just a determined enthusiast, hell-bent on showing off his body and nice, thick cock! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, First time, Solo[/tags] […]
  • Jeremy Johnson
    What happens when you put two guys named Jeremy in the same bed for any amount of time? Well, I suppose the answer to that question varies from situation to situation, but in THIS instance, they totally suck each others' cocks. See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, Condom, First time, Tattoo, Pale[/tags] […]
  • Scott - V2
    The guys were cruising for some white ass when we ran into Scott. We got him back to the pad easy enough, but he took some convincing to give our black licorice a taste. In the end we got our dose of white ass, and he got an ass blast of candy cream! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Blowjob, Gay, Hardcore, Interraci […]
  • Miami-Licious - V2
    This sexy tight-assed straight stud was working out in the park and we were up for making him a bitch in the sheets! So we lured him back and before long he was taking 2 cocks in the ass and loving it! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Blowjob, Ebony, Facial, Gay, Threesome, Muscle, Condom, First time, Big butt, Tatt […]
  • John - Paul
    John-Paul came in for a screen test and to do a few head shots. Little did he know that in this context a "head shot" would involve putting a pair of cocks in his mouth! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Anal, Blowjob, Gay, Threesome, Twink, First time, Foreign[/tags] […]
  • Matt Brooks & Kristian Hawke & Alex
    Alex, Kristian and Matt explore a new way to make money at work - no hard hat required, but a Jimmy Hat might come in handy... See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Costume, Gay, Hardcore, Threesome, Condom, First time, Pale, Uncut[/tags] […]
  • Sean Kane - V2
    This week's episode is a special one. What we have here may be one of the finest hours of His First Gay Sex. Thusgzilla was very pleased to get to tap sexy white-boy Sean's tight virgin asshole. Cum inside and see this very steamy episode. Swarthy Sean takes it all, and loves it!!! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Amateur, Anal, […]
  • Dallas
    Dallas is so hot, it's a wonder the camera didn't melt while filming. Sure, I wish this was a hardcore scene, so we could see that cute mouth of his wrapped around a nice, hard shaft, but where this guy is concerned, I'll take what I can get! See full-length episode at hisfirstgaysex.com.[tags]Gay, Hardcore, Teen, First time[/tags] […]
  • Joseph Smith Parody
    Jesus loves all in this dramatic retelling of the Joseph Smith story. Joseph, the man who offers his soul, mind and his sexy body up to Jesus so that he can experience his first gay sex! After blessing Joseph's sweet virgin asshole with his pious prick, Joseph does Jesus the favor of giving him a ball-draining blowjob. Latter day saint, indeed. See full […]

Two Brazilian football players
hit the gym after the game and they got so turned on by each other when they showed their cocks.They fuck it off right away, penetrating that manhole after nasty bj. This was way better than playing football.

Handsome gay jock dudes play with their big thick meaty cocks really hot sucking and explosive loads of cum

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A crate marked ‘fragile’ shows up at the warehouse and the pack moves in. They pry it open to discover Troy Daniels inside wearing only a jock strap and a smile. The gang drags Troy out of the crate and immediately begins probing his big huge bubble-butt with their fingers and tongues. The relentless jock assplay drives all the men crazy, most of all Troy, who tries to suck the guys huge cocks right through their jeans. Finally the pack pulls out their huge hard cocks; there isn’t one under 8′ in the entire group! Troy moves around, sucking and jacking each jock stud’s huge dick like a true cock-pig. The jock men strip naked and stand in a circle and grab Troy’s head, pushing him down on their huge dicks until he gags…
See The full Movie here

After almost a year and a half, it is with great pleasure that we welcome back swarthy Dominic Pacifico. Scruffy, dark and handsome with bedroom eyes and a thick dick, Dominic is the complete package. Dominic has been quite industrious since we’ve seen him last. He’s been working on his music and is actually releasing his first album in stores locally. Appropriately called Porn Star DJ, his first album of mixes is set to do well. He started dabbling in music back in 1998. After 12 years, he’s matured into quite the stud. He’s also been in the industry for about 12 years, and has been able to make it work for him. He’s also glad he’s been able to merge both of his passions to work together. Working in the adult industry it’s also afforded him the type of jet set lifestyle he particularly enjoys. He’s been able to see many places and meet incredible people along the way in a journey that would’ve been much different had he not pursued porn. “If you wanna do it for fun then do it for fun, if you want to do it as a career then think twice and give it a shot” Words to live by from an amazing man who is on top of his game.

Pornstar DJ and his thick cock


Dominic begins his own episode of Dominic Pacifico “Unplugged”. His hands begin to roam over his defined frame. He pulls his shirt over his head showing off those chiseled abs and furry navel. He opens his board shorts and slides a hand inside while the other is exploring his smooth chest and nips. He slides his shorts off, showing us that thick cock of his straining against his briefs that are just barely containing all he has to offer. He strokes and tugs at that thick meat through his underwear as it throbs aching to be set free. Dominic then stands on the chaise and continues to tease his dick. He finally pulls his briefs down and gives his dick the breathing room it needs. It is rock hard. Dominic begins to give it the attention it requires. His massive balls are smooth. He keeps everything trimmed and under control. Dominic then loses his underwear and turns his attention to that spectacular ass of his. He bends over on the chaise and starts to finger himself. He licks his fingers before shoving them deep inside this tight ass. He stares right at you knowing very well you have other plans for that ass that don’t involve his fingers!

Dominic then sits back on the futon as he lubes and strokes his cock, which by now is at full mast. He lifts his muscular legs in the air as his fingers find that sweet ass of his. He fingers himself a bit while jacking his engorged member. He tugs on his balls and pulls them away from his cock with one hand while burying more fingers inside that hungry hole. This stud definitely knows how to make a boy work for it as he continues to tease u and that ass. Dominic then just sits back and slowly strokes that cock. He puts his hand behind his head giving us a peak at those sexy arm pits of his. There isn’t a bad angle on this 29 year-old. He just looks better and better. He grabs his thick meat at the base and squeezes it hard between strokes. Soon he’s breathing heavier, muttering under his breath, “I’m ready to bust” as his pecs and abs begin to tense and flex. Dominic then grabs his massive dick and starts to jack it off with both hands on deck. Soon, he’s double fisting out a massive load that splatters up all over his heaving chest and coats his abs and furry happy trail. Someone was a bit backed up.

See the Porn Star DJ pump his cock in this full movie

Date: 2010-04-01
Title: Paul Black & Miguel Temon
Cast: Miguel Temon, Paul Black

  Fat Uncut and Juicy Cock
 Paul Black can’t believe his luck in this video when he pulls out Miguel Temon’s huge fuck stick. It is fat, uncut and juicy. Paul almost can’t get it all in his mouth. He worships Miguel’s amazing ripped body before taking the Latino cock up his ass. Miguel fucks like a jackhammer, his hairy ass muscles powerfully contacting with each thrust.

Full Movie Here

After deep throating Reese’s tool,

Deepthroating cock

Cayden bends over and offers up his ass. Reese gives it a good tongue bath, knowing full well a little rimming always prepares a hot hole. Reese then fucks him so hard he’s about to explode. And you can tell he’s loving it by the way he can’t stop moaning with pleasure. Reese takes a little break from the ass pounding and does his best to deep throat all of Cayden’s gigantic beer can cock. All it takes is a couple of licks before Reese is rock hard again and ready for another crack at that ass. Fucking Cayden with such force that he finally has to whip off the condom and shoot his load all over. Cayden’s not far behind sooting his own sticky puddle of jizz on those six pack abs of his.

See the entire movie at Randy Blue

naturally smooth athletic body looks so damn hot

When you hear a name like Thor Sigurdson you might imagine a mighty Norse god with long flowing hair and and a hat with wings on it. Well, our Thor may not be quite so grandiose but there is something quite majestic about this blond haired blue eyed cutie and his big Tube of Cock. Perhaps it’s the fact that his adorable face never lets on that he’s got a bit of a dirty streak. Or the fact that his naturally smooth athletic body looks so damn hot. And that little treasure trail of his leads right down to a nice meaty cock. He loves stroking it and goes from fast to slow, hitting it gently against his thigh and playing with the balls. You can tell he does this a lot. And the look on his face is so sexy when he closes his eyes and just lets himself get lost in the feeling of working his stiff member. He’s got just the right amount of fur on his delicious butt and when you watch him from behind you can see his balls bounce as he jerks off his big Tube of Cock.

Direct Video Link

COLT Men Mitch Branson and Ricky Parks have some free time on their hands. The mutual attraction takes them over and the man-on-man action just comes naturally. Kissing and groping, these hairy hunks can’t keep their hands off each other. Stripping away their clothes, furry bodies and thick muscles are exposed and eager mouths get filled with cock.

 Offering some furry muscle ass

 Ricky hits his knees first and gives Mitch’s hard cock and hairy body the loving attention that only a real man can give to another man. Seeing Ricky on his knees servicing that big cock gets Mitch all worked up and ready to take it to the next level. He turns to offer his furry muscle ass and Ricky buries his tongue deep. Ricky gets that hole wet and ready, and when that ass is primed and twitching for cock, he glides his thick pole up and in to the hilt.

It’s quite a sight as these thick muscled and hairy men lock in sync for a hot and passionate fuck. The fucking builds slowly as the ass pounding builds in speed and intensity. Close to the edge these guys stand face to face, jacking their swollen cocks to completion. One after the other they hammer out thick and juicy loads of hot streaming cum leaving each other drained and satisfied.

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“You make a grown man cry.” Six simple words sung over and over by the Rolling Stones that seem to be a fitting theme song for this week’s episode. Oh yes, the 23yo Florida native that packs a beer-can thick 9 inch monster cock and goes by the name of Jessie Alan is back! For those of you unfamiliar with Jessie, he’s a rather recent addition to EBD that really embodies what EBD is all about—EXTRA BIG DICK! Jessie is every size queen’s wet dream and this hung top boy’s been known to make several grown men cry.(…for all the right reasons) Jessie tops 98% of the time with rare exceptions made when in a committed relationship and even then it’s not a given. Today to do a LOT more than swoon at the sight of that big dick is a fresh face to EBD, Jake Lyons. Jake made his debut on Circle Jerk Boys and this Ohio boy now calls Miami home. Jake has boyish, classic features with a smile that could light up any room. He’s 19 and eager. We all love “eager”. Both of these studs are currently single and enjoying their freedom. Well these two studs will soon be enjoying something else. So we should get on with the dick-tivities. Shall we?


Jake is reading in the couch when Jessie walks in and decides he has a better idea. He takes the book out of his hand and undoes his jeans and shows Jake just what he has planned. You don’t have to ask Jake twice as he starts tonguing Jessie’s tight red briefs. His crotch is growing by the second and it won’t contain his 9 inch cock for long. Sure enough one minute he’s licking cotton the next he’s licking uncut Florida meat. Jessie’s cock is still growing as Jake starts suckin’ and tuggin’ at it with his hot mouth. Jessie’s cock doesn’t take long to get ready. Jake is soon getting that pretty face of his fucked by Jessie and that 9 inch monster meat. Jake isn’t one to complain. Jessie then strips naked as he helps Jake out of his own clothes. Jessie then returns the favor as he starts sucking on Jake’s uncut cock. He expertly licks and sucks on the foreskin before taking it deep into his mouth. Jake just watches as Jessie services his cock for a change. Jake bites his lower lip as he revels in the new sensation. He gets so turned on he’s soon back on his knees with more than a mouthful of Jessie to savor. He looks up at Jessie as he slowly runs his tongue up along the length of his 9 inch massive shaft.


The sound of Jake slurping and sucking fill the room as he continues to service Jessie’s fat cock. All this attention is getting Jessie horny for more than that beautiful mouth. He gets up and puts Jake on all four as he samples what’s next. Jake groans in ecstasy as Jessie starts to eat that sweet ass of his. He gets that tight ass wet and ready for a proper fucking. Jessie then dry humps that ass for a few before shoving that meat home. Jake’s ass is ready and is soon getting pounded. Jessie fucks him doggie as Jake scrambles to accommodate every delicious inch he’s taking. Jessie then puts Jake on his back and slides back inside missionary getting that 9 inch dick even deeper. He pins Jake down, holding him in place by the back of his knees. He ain’t going anywhere. WHY would he? Jessie is loving it as he continues to pound the new Floridian. Jessie then gets him up and bends him over and dicks him so hard it hurts. Jessie is fucking Jake hard and deep and he can’t seem to get enough of that tight little ass. It won’t be long before that ass milks his load right out. Soon Jessie starts to feel that familiar tickle and pulls out as they stroke off side by side. Jessie is the first to nut as he pumps his load out all over his inked navel; Jake’s not far behind as he too coats himself in white.




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This week, we have a hot 22 year-old blond jock for you who comes from the great state of Ohio! Go figure. Everyone seems to be from Ohio these days. We’re lucky to have Aaron Mason with us, who says he is only “visiting” Florida. He’ll soon be going back to those Indian Summers they have back home. He may love Ohio, but admits Florida has hotter women. “They have a lot less clothes on,” he grins. “I love the bikinis.” Yeah, we bet. Aaron loves to travel. Even though he’s been abroad, he has French dreams in his future. France may not be ready for a horny boy like Aaron. (¡C’est Vrai!) He got a late start and had his first sexual experience at 16. It was his first orgasm as well. He had a girlfriend who decided to give him an underwater hummer in a hot tub. Well, if you’re gonna wait til 16, it should at least be special. He’s made up for lost time. This horny stud admits he jacks off as much as possible. Sometimes he jacks off 3 or 4 times a day. He isn’t shy about liking his ass licked and played with; occasionally works his own EASY button while in the throes of autoerotic self-indulgence. Read it again—you’ll get it. Aaron is playing with his basketball while hanging out in his room. He loses interest rather quickly and realizes he’d rather be “palming” something else. He lets his hands start to roam as his shirt comes off. His chest is naturally smooth and his abs are front and center. He playfully poses for the cam and gives us a flexing pose. Hot. He then moves to the situation developing down south. As he undoes his shorts and his fly comes down, his massive boner springs out, still tenting his bright orange briefs. Aaron is rock hard, and that cock is going to need attention and soon. He teases it through his briefs as it gets rock hard and begins to ache for some skin on skin contact. After teasing and rubbing that cock that is now straining for its freedom, he turns around for us as he drops his shorts, giving us our first view of his spectacular ass. He spreads his cheeks apart, showing us that straight boy hole that has yet to be defiled.

Tight Jock Ass

His ass is glistening as the light catches in his light blond body hair. As if this ass show isn’t hot enough, Aaron takes it one step further as he begins to finger and tease that tight ass. Makes you just wanna dive in tongue first, but wait—there’s more. Aaron lies back on the couch still in his jock strap, finally pulling it off. His aching cock gets some well deserved attention as he starts to massage his hairless meat. It seems Aaron loves everything smooth. His jock cock jets straight north when it’s hard. This boy’s meat is a definite stargazer. His smooth balls are compact and tight to the base of that jock cock that looks like it could explode any minute. He starts stroking his cock. We hear his soft sighs as his breathing starts to labor. He lubes up and starts to really have some fun on that cock as he strokes it underhand and then overhand as his jock cock pulses to his every touch. He then spreads his legs wide open as he sits way back and starts working that bung hole while he jacks his stiff meat. If this boy isn’t careful, he’ll end up with a dick in his ass on our set. It’s been known to happen around here. Aaron’s cock is glistening and aching for release as he goes face down to show us that ass again. He then sits back down, spreads those legs again, and starts jacking that meat again as he starts to finger that hole. This does the trick, sending Aaron over the edge as he leans forward and pumps his thick batch all over his trusty basketball. Double dribble can’t touch this. —Yum!

Download Movie Here

While Chip Tanner is trying to suck his own delicious uncut dick, Donny Wright and Roman Todd walk in on him and catch him in the act. Now, this little scene would be worth the price of admission alone but we’re not gonna stop there. A hot three way is always a lot of fun, but when you throw Chip into the mix it becomes a whole other thing. Chip’s sexual appetite is voracious and his spirit is untamed and adventuresome. And no matter what Donny and Roman throw at him, he’s more than willing to be their dirty little sex toy. And now that Malachi has shown Roman just how good another dude can suck a dick, he’s become quite an amazing little cocksucker himself.

Aden Jaric runs his hand down boyfriend Jordan Jaric’s muscular body and stops at the crotch to grab his morning wood.

Morning wood

 Both men now awake and completely aroused, they start to kiss. Aden sucks his lover’s dick, making him coo with appreciation before Jordan responds in kind and swallows cock himself. The taste of Aden’s sausage is ample nourishment right now and he wants his fill of it. Then with Aden’s head hanging over the side of the bed, Jordan starts to facefuck him.

Hot gay boy gets face fucked hard

He next swings him around and onto his back so he can rim his ass. Jordan licks and slurps the hole before he gets up to fuck it hard. With a hint of mischievous adventure, Jordan shoves a hefty manrammer and then a steel dildo into Aden’s crack.

Ass Plug

Aden is excited and resumes sucking his darling’s cock while sliding the latex toy inside his hole. He climaxes and cums first; then Jordan blasts his satisfied partner with his spooge.

See the full Movie Here

Directed by John Bruno

When Eric Pryor comes home to find his boyfriend Nicco Sky asleep he can’t help but have a little wicked fun. After finding a very creative way of waking him up he demands a little wake and quake from his sleepy eyed lover.

Using his sexual prowess on this tight virgin ass

Nicco needs very little coaxing before taking all of Eric’s rod deep into his mouth and before you know it, Eric gives Nicco’s pecker a little oral love. I tell ya, if I could clone and sell Eric Pryor as a living sex toy I could retire tomorrow. This guy gives better head than anyone I know, and his bottoming skills have left more than a few models asking if they were really getting paid for this. But I have to hand it to Nicco. Having heard about Eric’s sexual prowess he didn’t just bring his A game, he brought the whole alphabet. The look on Eric’s face was that of total amazement and euphoria. He got off on it so much that he was practically begging to fuck Nicco. And of course when Nicco got a crack! at that amazing ass the sounds that came out of both of their horny mouths showed just how hot it was for both of them.

I love a good gay threeway.
Hot gay threeway
 Especially when it goes way beyond what I was expecting. I knew I had to see Dallas Evans and Brandon Kent together because every time they’re near each other you can see the sparks from right thru your computer monitor. Brandon has that adorable face and those puppy dog eyes but his body is so manly, lightly hairy and so well built. And Dallas just gets more and more wild every time he comes in, so watching him fuck is more of a pleasure  than work in reviewing this hot gay flick for you. I swear, you just wind him up and let him go and he never disappoints. So throwing Micah Brandt into the mix was a bit of a wild card. Don’t get me wrong, his solo was amazing and the way he fucked himself with the dildo was just a taste of what was to cum when he got banged by Dominic Brown. But some guys take to threeways and some don’t. Well, I didn’t even need to think about it because Micah not only brought his full game to the mix but he also got Brandon and Dallas so damn horny with his excellent cocksucking skills that they got even more into it, and I didn’t think that was possible. And since Micah loves having his tight little ass eaten so much, Brandon was more than happy to dig in.

See All 24 Titles by Rude Boiz Studios Here

“RudeBoiz reaches it’s birthday and it shows no sign of getting tired. The lads in the latest showing are hard, horny and full of spunk waiting to explode across sweet butts, heaving bodies and splattering young faces. Big dicks sliding into their mates in real action sex, you can see every inch of hard cock grind into the horny bottom boys, making them moan out as they get stretched wide and pounded full of meat, feeling the throbbing cocks pulsate and build up to creamy orgasm inside them. Matt Hughes and his 11 inches show up for a grand finale of six lads enjoying a real hard boy orgy.


Showing his hard cock through his trackie bottoms, Adam can’t wait for his chav mate Kyle to come over and sort it out! Tasting each others long thick dicks, these two lads lick and suck every available part of their bodies before Adam can’t take it and starts to bounce on Kyle’s cock, making his knob twitch even harder than before. Both boys have stunning bodies, smooth and tattooed while they keep their white trainers and socks on, Adam holding his up towards the camera as we see Kyle pound incessantly into his hole. Feeling it slide ever deeper, Adam jerks himself into a creamy orgasm as Kyle grinds down, his sweaty body flexing at every thrust.


Cute young Nathan knows he’s in for a good time when dark haired beauty Shane shows up at the door. Both dark haired twinks have stunning toned and smooth bodies, with rock hard dicks that refuse to go down. Shane’s thick meat really is a sight to behold, and watching it slide into Nathan will get you creaming every time! Wearing their white socks as the cute boy gets fucked hard in multitudes of positions while Shane keeps the chav look going with his baseball cap. Pushing up as Nathan sits over him, we can see the entire length stretch him wide and fuck deeper. Releasing a huge load of spunk over Nathan, it splatters over his chest and face, covering him in the hot young juice.


Leading the cameraman in behind him, skinhead Scott meets up with his scally mate Grant as they work on each others horniness together. Scott’s slightly hairy chest and delicious dick gives him a perfect rude boi look, which Grant obviously loves as his dick springs into action and his lips wrap around Scott’s shaft in no time. Getting his ass wet with spit, Scott munches on Grants butt so he can easily slide that slick dick into Grant, pumping him solidly full of cock, while the horned up bottom boy moans like a slut as his hole gets stretched wider than ever. Both boys keep their hot white socks on as legs are flung in the air, getting more access to the hot hole being abused. Wanting to share his spunk, the hard skinhead lets it stream out of him as Grant laps it up.


Waiting for his fuck to come around, tall dark featured Leigh runs to the door when his mate arrives, and it’s obvious to us why! Cute blond boy Maxx is ready and waiting to get his sweet young ass used by Leigh’s amazingly sexy dick. Sucking on it as it throbs down his throat, his own thick meat staying rock solid throughout. Bending the twinky Maxx over the sofa, Leigh slowly teases his hole with the tip, sliding it gently as he can feel the ring open up around the pulsating shaft, the blood flowing so fast it can feel it go deeper with every inch until his hot balls are slapping against his friend. Laying back and willing Leigh to spunk, Maxx’s tongue gets smothered in thick jizz as the dick is then pushed further into his mouth, causing his own balls to explode with streams of spunk.

This finale brings together the old favorites and the delicious new RudeBoiz of London in a cum soaked gay gangbang that will pave the way for another 10 RudeBoiz to come!”







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